Artists in the classroom

During my in-house study experience at LSHTM -in the last days of March 2014- a film showing programme was organized in the Manson Lecture Theatre. “VISUAL MINUTES” were taken on a big screen.


The title of the lecture was “Communicating Health, Communicating Disease” and it was based on four UK films used in different epochs (i.e. the 50s, 60s, 80s and 2009) to raise awareness among the general public or a specific target group like health care workers. It was a most interesting and very diverse set of visual material and the discussions were led by five inspiring women: Heidi Larson (anthropologist) , Anne-Marie Rafferty (nursing policy), Catherine Dodds (HIV/AIDS), Sandra Mounier-Jack (TB) and Alex Mold (History). They covered topics like the different forms of communication (including a very powerful one: humor), the time spirit of the messages and the nature of the (communicating) risks.

During the film showing and subsequent very fruitful discussions, on the left side of the theatre a huge white screen was put up with spotlights illuminating it and two young men were making drawings and writing down keywords. This colorful process was completely new to me and I found out that it is called ‘visual minutes’. The artists from ‘Creative Connection’ involved are great professionals and extremely quick-working . Despite the huge white screen, the spotlight and the bright colors they were using, they did not distract attention from the audience during the full two hours of the event.   At the end, they had the chance to show the screen and give some feed-back. The impressed participants took pictures. The only thing I found regrettable (and I mentioned that on the event’s feedback form as well) is that this well-organized high-level event with its visual minutes took place in the week of the LSHTM students’ essay writing deadline and there-fore the hall was much more empty than it could and should have been, we were about 25 participants including persons from outside LSHTM .

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