Waiting for the Examination Results,,,,,,,

Its been almost two months since we sat for the examinations and the waiting for the results is going to be over in less than 24hrs from now.

I must say it is a mixed feeling at the moment and a little bit anxiety. The holiday mood and the feeling of relaxation is going to be cut short soon as the results and preparation for the next semester begins. I look at the past year of my study as a learning experience in a way. I did not know much on how to go about with the reading and I must say I may have underestimated the amount of efforts required.

A few of the things I learnt is to start working at the assignment early enough. I kept on thinking the deadline is far but I was surprised on how fast March arrived and had to stretch myself to get the work submitted on time. With the core modules done hopefully, I can admit now I have a bit of direction and understating of the course and hope will have a little easy time on the next modules.

As I get my head round the project report and dig through the literature, one thing is for sure the results will be out in the next couple of hours and I can only hope for the best!. I am struggling to remember how the exams were and the questions but its a struggle and my shot at them will be know soon. Fingers crossed!

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