Enjoy the holiday……while it lasts!

Hi there!

To the continuing students, I hope you are enjoying the holiday! That is…..if you have already handed in the Assessed Assignments.

Well, well, well, I just have these few words “Enjoy the holiday while it lasts!”

I will never forget those days when I was a distance learning student (MSc in Epidemiology). Before I always knew, the holiday would get over! The courier services hand over books for the new academic year. But Oh…I would still want to enjoy the holiday……

The months fly and there you are…. Christmas! Guess what, it was real tough after Christmas if the time before Christmas was not well utilised for studies!

Therefore dears, ladies, gentlemen, enjoy the holiday while at lasts and then start the marathon of the new academic year in full gear, full of energy! No dragging the holiday to the new academic year…..deal? Ok. deal.

Nice time.





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