A Saturday in London

MSc Medical Parasitology student Brittany is blogging about her experiences in London, and why it’s such a great city to study science:

Last Saturday, on November 8th, our group of Study Ambassadors got the opportunity to participate in a treasure hunt all over Westminster, and we had a blast!

First, our team ended up dressing very similarly, so we called ourselves the Collared Button-downs. ↓

Photo courtesy of Chenyi Liao


Our team had to take on three challenges during this treasure hunt including: Deciphering clues to bring us to cool places around Westminster, answering a series of questions whose answers could be found on the trail of the hunt, and finding picture clues that were given to us on a sheet and answering questions on them.

Photo courtesy of Chenyi Liao


We got some amazing views throughout the day, including Westminster Abbey, Horse Guards Arch, Big Ben, and all the statues and memorials along Whitehall, plus plenty more.

Photo courtesy of Tom Garvey


We finished our hunt after about two hours, and had such a fun day exploring and seeing places and sights we may not have been able to go out and see on our own!

After our hunt, we took the tube to Brick Lane for some late lunch, where we had some delicious Indian food at little restaurant called Preem and Prithi. I had never actually had Indian food before that Saturday, so for a first experience, it was great (And it helped to have such a fun group of people to share the meal with)!

At the end of the night, we went down to the Victoria Embankment, where we got to see fireworks from the Lord Mayors Show! Even though we got stuck in a fairly heavy downpour, I like to think of it as getting the full London experience.

And let’s be honest, it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw at least a little bit of science nerdiness into this, so I’m gonna show y’all something that I always think about when I watch fireworks, and that’s where all of their colors come from.

So fun fact! Here’s where fireworks get their colors:

Source: The Works Science Museum, Bloomington, Minnesota http://boingboing.net/2012/07/03/where-the-colors-of-fireworks.html


Yeah, I know, I’m a dork.

Anyway, a nice day of walking and hunting around around the city was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and it really inspired me to get expanding on all the things I get to go out see and do during my year here. There is never a way to run out of things to explore in London!

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