Looking back at Term 1

MSc Control of Infectious Diseases student Lauren de la Parte reflects on a busy first term at the School:

After a whirlwind few weeks of arriving in London, searching for and finding a flat, and getting utilities and other necessities in order for the year, it was finally time for classes to begin. As a Control of Infectious Diseases (CID) student, I was required to study Basic Statistics and Introduction to Disease Agents and their Control (IDAC). However, I had some choice in selecting my remaining classes and chose to take Extended Epidemiology and Health Economics.

Our classes for Term 1 lasted for 10 weeks and I was in class every day except for Wednesday afternoons. I never knew that I could learn so much. Our classes are typically split into three-hour blocks with one hour dedicated to lecture, one and a half hours for a seminar, and a short break in the middle. The lecture/seminar structure of classes allowed us to gather information about a topic, pose questions, and then immediately put the learned principles into practice. Throughout the term we built up our foundational information until we were able to independently run statistics on STATA, design a sample epidemiological study, and identify a number or infectious diseases and their impact on the world.

After reading week, the last five weeks went by in a blur. During reading week, we had some practice examinations to self-assess our progress mid-way through our term. We then had final practice examinations at the end of the term to help us focus our attention on areas in need for our written examinations in June. Therefore, these examinations provided us with direction for our continued revision and showed us what foundational information we would be taking with us to terms 2 and 3.

In addition to classes, I was able to do a bit of traveling with friends to Norway and Oxford. While in Europe, second to my studies, I hope to be able to travel to many new places. Hopefully, I will be able to continue traveling in subsequent terms.

Overall, this past term was busy, exciting, and knowledge-filled. I look forward to soon returning to London to continue with my course.

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