Choosing your Public Health Stream

MSc Public Health student Felicity Nahataba shares her advice for choosing a stream for the course during the first term at the School:

This I must say is not as easy as it looks. All the streams are just as important with a wealth of new knowledge and skills. I wish they could provide a Master’s course with all in one. Don’t know how long it would take you to finish that course though!

During the orientation week, you will be given a briefing on each stream that will be very helpful so try and report to the School on time at the beginning of the academic year. There are amazing tutors at the School that each student will be assigned to who will guide you but cannot make the decision for you. Have in mind a vision for your future goals and interests. Which areas would you like to work in after completing this course, what area of expertise would you like to add to your knowledge gaps?

All the above helped me and the stream you settle down on will be the right one for you.

I narrowed down to the Public Health stream because of my medical background and my experience in the field. I worked briefly at the Cancer Institute in my country then moved to HIV/TB care, where I spent my last 5 yrs. I have always preferred being in the field and having hands on experience; I work better this way and feel I can do and learn more from here. The modules I picked for my course for terms one and two also directly categorized me in this stream. I selected my modules based on future interest of health programming and research. This will give me a balance and strong set of skills for my future in Public Health Programming.

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