MSc in Academic Writing !

Doing a master course  is a great learning process. The four core modules form a great theoretical basis which Moodle and all the readings turn into a practical discovery and global exploration. The subsequent elective modules are more demanding as academic writing comes in! If, like me, you have not done such serious assignment writing before, it is really tough to write 6 essays in two years and not get desperate because of fear for wrong referencing, paraphrasing, quoting or not fitting within the strict word limits. Still, it is an ideal learning process for the project report of 10,000 words that I am about to start as soon as I get ethical approval locally and from LSHTM.


I am praying for the deadline of September 30, 2015 soon to come but on the other hand, as we have been told in the handbooks, it is not the result you have to focus on writing a master thesis but the process. And I know that process will be lengthy, laborious and at times laming. Still, we distance learning master students face the challenge and go for it, supported by friends, colleagues, fellow students, project supervisor and PMO. Family members too, although my 9 year old who keeps hearing that Mum has no time because ‘she has to study for global health’ said the other day during our teeth-brushing ritual: “You know, what you do for global health is helping the world only 1% ahead at best, so why bother?” Well, we bother, because even 1% is worth the trouble for the benefit of so many people. Isn’t it?

brushing teeth


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