First impressions from some of our new MSc students

Ammi Shah has just started the MSc Control of Infectious Diseases at the School. Here she shares her experiences so far and thoughts she has gathered from other students: 

Science, research and efficient healthcare management revolutionizes the lives of humankind and right from the start of the orientation week, new students already feel that the School will be the platform to lead them to make that difference!

Networking, networking, networking… the word we have probably heard the most this week! The networking has already begun with all the numerous social media groups formed as well as planning of events with people who share common interests! ‘Support’ is another word mentioned numerous times in the various different orientation talks, and students feel quite assured already of the support they can get at the institution.

Vinayak Nambiar, from the Maldives, who is starting the MSc Public Health:

 “My first week at the School has been incredible! Even though this is my second time living in London, being at the School has given me a new perspective of life in London, and has opened the door for such a wide selection of opportunities and meeting a variety of people from all walks of life. Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the school year!”

Along with the excitement to start the different courses comes along the enthusiasm of exploring London!

Walking along the Southbank of the Thames towards London Bridge

Walking along the Southbank of the Thames towards London Bridge

Matthew Gibb, from Texas, who is starting the MSc Immunology of Infectious Diseases:

“Honestly, I think my favorite experience so far has been going to the Natural History Museum simply to see the differences in displays and overall architecture from those in the U.S. My initial impression was one of relief. I was warned that Londoners can be very rude and singularly focused. My experience has been quite the opposite. People have been unbelievably kind and gracious. It has also been uniquely special to experience how much of a global populace lives in London. It’s always fun to pass by groups while walking about and hear the number of languages spoken as well as the small, but noticeable, cultural differences.”

A few of the students in Parliament Square

A few of the students in Parliament Square

London is renowned for its food markets, which took some of us to Borough Market last week:

A few of the delicious treats at one of London's most renowned markets!

A few of the delicious treats at one of London’s most renowned markets!

With its exceptional British and International food, it was a wonderful experience for everyone!

A lot of the students have already discovered that the one way to truly explore London is by foot! This is how we stumbled upon St Katherine Docks:

Ammi 4

Sheila Krishan from New York, who is starting the MSc Public Health:

 I moved to London just about a week ago, from New York City and I wasn’t expecting life to be terribly different here; a big city is a big city, isn’t it? But I’ve found London to be more like a huge town or village, lacking the imposing skyscrapers and easily navigable grid system to which I’ve grown accustomed. The city is more organic and growing, more diverse and international (going through just one week, I’ve heard more accents than I’ve heard in the last twenty years!). Rent and transport are impossibly expensive, but healthcare and education are not, and there’s a student discount for just about everything!”

Let’s see what else this year has to offer however it looks to be a very promising one!

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