Student photo competition 2016: the results!

For this summer’s photo competition, we once again invited current students to send us photos representing the theme of A student of  the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

With dozens of fantastic photos to choose from, it was not an easy decision for the judges, however in the end first prize was awarded to Katina Sommers (MSc Control of Infectious Diseases) for this beautifully composed and evocative shot taken during her summer project.

42 - Katina Sommers

Describing the photo, Katina writes, “For my summer project I’ve traveled to Oromia, Ethiopia to investigate the ‘F’ and ‘E’ elements of the SAFE strategy for trachoma elimination. As the leading cause of infectious blindness worldwide, our objective is to learn more about how water scarcity and lack of adequate WASH infrastructure make this region one of the most impacted, globally. In this photo, a mother begins to prepare coffee, a process that can use several liters of water every day. Finding a balance between ritualized daily events, such as making coffee, and utilizing water for activities to prevent trachoma is our challenge!”

Second place in the competition was awarded to Pablo Tsukayama Cisneros for his dramatic capture of students hard at work in our Library. Pablo says, “This shot was taken two days before the final MSc examinations. Stress was high and I had reached a point where I could no longer process more information. So I grabbed my camera and went around the library looking for the right angles, trying not to disturb fellow students.”

6 - Pablo Tsukayama Cisneros

Three additional prizes were awarded to Ogonna Nwankwo (MSc Health Policy, Planning & Financing), Amy Chanyarungrojn (MSc Nutrition for Global Health) and Marta Campillo Poveda (MSc Immunology of Infectious Diseases) for their photos taken during fieldwork or in the lab.

We’d like to thank all our students who submitted their photos to the competition. Here is a selection of some of the other excellent entries we received:

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