New Voices in Global Health Award

Congratulations to MSc Global Mental Health student M. Tasdik Hasan, who won the “New Voices in Global Health Award 2017” at the recent World Health Summit in Berlin. In this post, Tasdik describes the project that won him the award.

The New Voices in Global Health Award recognises emerging researchers in the fields of health and medicine, and this initiative aims to “strengthen research and support young academics worldwide, to implement the global impetus of the World Health Summit Network to find and support future leaders in health, and to set tomorrow’s health agenda with the explicit inclusion of tomorrow’s leaders.” I consider myself blessed to receive this award this year being a student of Global Mental Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine & King’s College London.

My project explored mental health services among climate victims in a cyclone affected area of coastal Bangladesh. The mental health of people impacted by these types of disasters is a frequently overlooked topic. We conducted an exploratory study of mental health services in a cyclone affected village. We found that despite numerous psychological impacts cyclones had on the population – from PTSD to depression – there was a lack of action plans and initiatives to address these issues. The project highlighted this gap and recommended resilient, responsive and sustaining health systems are crucial for this vulnerable population.

Tasdik meets LSHTM Director Professor Peter Piot at the World Health Summit

Tasdik also met LSHTM Director Professor Peter Piot at the World Health Summit

To me it was a life changing event, and I am humbled, honoured and determined to work more efficiently to keep this glory of being selected among ten names around the world. To me, the highlights also included meeting with HRH Princess of Jordan Dina Mired, Nobel Laureate Dr Roger D Kornberg, International President of Médecins Sans Frontières, Dr Joanne Liuand Member of the House of the Lords, UK Parliament Lord Paul Boateng and other distinguished speakers. I am looking forward to representing LSHTM in global platforms like this in near future.

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  1. M Hasan

    Thank you very much for appreciating my efforts. This is indeed a great honour.