Executive Programme Fellows enjoy “transformational experience” in Geneva

Fellows on the inaugural Executive Programme for Global Health Leadership recently participated in the second of three residential week at our partner institution, The Graduate Institute Geneva.

The theme of the week was negotiation and the global health diplomacy skills needed for operating on a complex global stage. The setting of the week in Geneva gave Fellows unique opportunities to visit some of the organisations that are at the forefront of global health agendas including the World Health Organisation, the World Trade Organisation and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance.

Fellow’s commented on the “inspiration {and} learning” that took place over the week through engaging and lively workshops on key questions such as ‘what are the leadership skills required in a health crisis?’ and ‘how do you navigate a large organisation’s new leadership in the multilateral setting’.

A unique part of the Executive Programme is having the opportunity to hear candid leadership accounts from those working at the highest levels of this sector and the Geneva week certainly did not disappoint on this front. Fellows had the opportunity to hear from Peter Graaff, Director of Global Initiatives for the Health Emergency Programme at the WHO, Seth Berkley, CEO at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance as well as Arnaud Bernaert, Head of Partner Development at the World Economic Forum Geneva.

The group were also able to enjoy the sites of Geneva through a walking tour of the city and an alumni networking event on the banks of Lake Geneva.

In between residential phases, Fellows have access to one-on-one Executive Coaching sessions. These coaching sessions have had incredibly positive feedback from participants with many commenting that the sessions have been “phenomenal” and “incredibly useful”  having given them the “time and space” to reflect on their personal leadership journey and leadership attributes.

The Executive Programme is a bespoke course for experienced health professionals to develop their personal leadership skills and professional networks.

More information on the programme: www.lshtm.ac.uk/executive-programmes /Enquiries: executive-programmes@lshtm.ac.uk

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