Why study Global Health by distance learning?

Why study Global Health by distance learning?

Ellen from the LSHTM Study Team explains why distance learning can be a fantastic way to develop your Global Health career.

Study at your own pace

Distance learning programmes enable you to study at your own pace and at times that suit you. This makes them perfect if you are juggling several commitments, as you can often spread courses over several years to fit in with work, life, family and other commitments. Modules, lectures and notes are all available online, so you can create your schedule and study on your own terms, and some institutions, such as LSHTM, also offer the option of studying a module in-person, known as “blended learning”.

Take advantage of flexible payment options

The flexible nature of the distance learning model means that you can choose to pay per module rather than paying the whole fee up-front. This allows you to spread the cost over the lifetime of your programme, making it more affordable than traditional face-to-face courses.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the fees for distance learning courses aren’t usually location dependent, meaning that you can study wherever you like in the world, knowing that your tuition fees won’t differ. Studying from your chosen location means less commuting, and more time for you and your studies, work and life.

Learn as you earn

Whether you are a medical professional in the field or a policy worker for a non-governmental organisation, you do not have to give up your career to take time out for study; on the contrary, you will continue building it! You will complement your professional experience with knowledge and skills for future opportunities, applying your learning to your work as you go.

Naomi Martin, who studied MSc Global Health Policy at LSHTM, says, “I led projects related to HIV in both Asia and North America while taking the course and was able to apply my learnings in my work!” Naomi is from Canada and is a qualified medical doctor. She is passionate about bringing “high quality, affordable and equitable healthcare to as many people as possible through well-crafted health policies” Read Naomi’s full story here.

You will also use your work experience to inform your studies. This simultaneous exchange of knowledge will be invaluable to you, and you will have gained a prestigious globally recognised qualification, too.

Be part of a likeminded global community

You will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from materials, research, students and academics from all over the world. This means that you will gain a truly international perspective on public and global health, whilst learning research, planning and self-study skills.

Sandy Lu, who studies MSc Public Health by distance learning at LSHTM, says, “Teaching staff and students come from all over the world and they bring a wealth of knowledge to the courses.” Sandy studies while working full-time as a Pharmacist in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

Experience campus life, too

Some programmes offer a blended learning option where you can go to your institution and study a module or two in-person. LSHTM students love that they are able to complete two modules in five weeks if they like, as well as having the opportunity to get a taste of campus life at the School in London. It is a great option if you like the independence of distance learning but still want to meet professors, lecturers and fellow students.

Blended learning really does give students the best of both worlds – the chance to immerse themselves in University and London life, but without the major upheaval of relocating or the financial commitment of living in London for a whole academic year. “The opportunity to [do blended learning and] come to the LSHTM to study a module was a major factor in choosing which public health school was best for me”, says Sandy.

Since our students and staff come from such a huge diversity of social, academic, international and cultural backgrounds, there is much to gain from interacting with LSHTM’s global community, both online and face-to-face.

Visit the LSHTM study page if you would like to learn more about the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s Distance Learning MSc programmes.

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