Executive Programme Successfully Concludes in Cape Town

Executive Programme successfully concludes in Cape Town

The inaugural Executive Programme for Global Health Leadership has concluded in Cape Town with Fellows enjoying a rich diversity of speakers and workshops to round off what has been an incredibly successful first year for the Programme.  

The week was hosted by our partners at the University of Cape Town, with the focus for the week being on health systems and systems leadership, to ensure successful implementation of projects on the ground through cross-sector engagement.

Fellows enjoyed thought-provoking workshops on the principles of design thinking as applied to systems leadership as well as candid discussions with many leaders and activists across sectors, including National-level Leaders such as from the Ministry of Health, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, the Minister of Health for the Western Cape Region of South Africa and the Head of Emergency Services for the Western Cape.

A night of live South African jazz finished off the week with Fellows also taking the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Cape Town waterfront.

Throughout the inaugural year, Fellows have consistently praised the innovative design and rich content of the Programme.  It uses a combination of intense residential experiences, such as practical workshops and simulations, peer networking and personalised coaching and mentoring to ensure that Fellows feel equipped to deal with the complex situations that they face when delivering high-level, multi-stakeholder projects.

Described by one Fellow as a “fantastic gathering of bright minds and people doing incredible work”, the Executive Programme for Global Health Leadership was developed to address the crucial need for strong, dynamic and resilient leadership in global health.  The inaugural cohort is strong in its diversity of health sector and global representation, giving Fellows a unique opportunity to build valuable professional and personal networks that will extend beyond the programme. Many Fellows have described how this unique peer learning element has been fundamental to their experience, with one Fellow noting that before they started the programme they felt “isolated in [their] struggles as a leader” but that now, due to the Fellowship, they have felt “emboldened and courageous” to push forward in their careers.

They have been an exceptional cohort of global leaders in health, who see themselves enriched and more impactful through their strong, personal relationships with each other built through the Programme. There are many examples of how Fellows have used their peer network to enhance each other’s health projects over the year, and this will continue for the future. One Fellow commented that “I now have 14 new amazing colleagues without having to travel the world – I have made these connections all in one place”. These opportunities will continue to grow as cohorts build links with each other over the years ahead.

With Fellows reporting that they have progressed in their careers specifically because of the Programme, and one Fellow explaining that she could not have succeeded in her high-level, multi-national leadership role without the training and  experience afforded by the Programme, it is clear that the Programme is well on its way to creating a cadre of passionate, effective leaders who, in supporting each other and being supported by LSHTM, will together have a significant impact on health globally.

Applications for this programme are currently open for entry in September 2018. Please visit our webpage to find out more –


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