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Henrietta Monye is a current student of the MSc Public Health for Eye Care course and is from Delta State, Nigeria.

This glass is half-full

Visas and tickets, classmates turned friends, winter now springtime, exams and projects. Wait!!! Exams and projects??? But of course. One more term and we’ll be on the last lap. One of our lecturers had aptly predicted the total conversion of what she termed “any remaining hard core, unflinching clinicians…

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It’s hard to believe it’s just been two weeks since we started because it feels like two months already. As for the Christmas break, there was hardly a dull moment. At first, the rain tried to frustrate my plans and dampen my fun-seeking spirit. But after a…

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I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I clicked on “finish and submit”. I had just completed my end of term assessment in Biostatistics, the last of a string of seemingly never-ending formative assessments we had been bombarded with since the beginning of term 1. It’s been…

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How (not?) to get off to a good start

I was just about to leave the house when it arrived. The parcel I had been expecting was finally here. With quite a bit of apprehension, I tore open the envelope, then felt relief literally wash over me. All the prayers and hard work were not in vain. It was…

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