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Journey to the Heart of India


On the 2nd of April I arrived in Nagpur, the geographic centre of India, to begin work on the VISHRAM (VIdarbha Stress and Health progRAM) pilot study, and it being my first trip to the country, I was not altogether certain of what to expect. Looking back…

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Improving health worldwide: Eliminating needless blindness…

“Intelligence and capability are not enough, there must be the joy of doing something beautiful…” – Dr. G. Venkataswamy

I am Sanil Joseph from India. I am doing my MSc in Public Health (Health Services Research) at the school. I am presently employed with Aravind Eye Care System, Tamilnadu, India as…

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An LSHTM student’s Easter break

What does an LSHTM student do on their Easter Break?

More school, of course.

With our final two modules just completed, I find myself sitting back into the school bright and early Monday morning taking a two-day course on geographical information systems (GIS).

This might be the point in…

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