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Enjoy the holiday……while it lasts!

Hi there!

To the continuing students, I hope you are enjoying the holiday! That is…..if you have already handed in the Assessed Assignments.

Well, well, well, I just have these few words “Enjoy the holiday while it lasts!”

I will never forget those days when I was a distance…

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Artists in the classroom

During my in-house study experience at LSHTM -in the last days of March 2014- a film showing programme was organized in the Manson Lecture Theatre. “VISUAL MINUTES” were taken on a big screen.

The title of the lecture was “Communicating Health, Communicating Disease” and it was based on four…

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LSHTM Exams, a different experience

After almost two months of non stop preparation for my MSc Infectious Diseases exams, finally I was done with them. Although the results are not yet out and can not really talk about the preformance I feel like a heavy load has been lifted off my chest. It has taken…

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Introduction- Hi there!

Dear all,

I am Susan Nakubulwa and I completed the MSc in Epidemiology by distance learning last year. I attended the graduation ceremony this year in March 2014. Oh, it was such a colourful event!

I am a data manager within the statistics department at the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research…

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Studying at the School: a distance learning perspective

I am currently studying the MSc Global Health Policy by distance learning. As part of the programme, we are offered the opportunity to study up to two modules at the School in London…”

For me as an MSc distance learner all the way from Georgia (Eastern-Europe) it was a…

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The sense of school life

Recently, I have received many emails from perspective students asking about the school; curriculums, assignments and so on. I would like to briefly explain what I have learnt so far at this school.

September to December is called term 1. We covered the foundations which are used in Public Health…

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Better Late Than Never… I am becoming an Immunologist XD

So its about time I started blog writing…

Two terms have come and gone and I see myself in a position that I really like!

I’m surrounded by research professionals and friendly vibrant students on a daily basis; this is integral to the LSHTM experience!

I came into the…

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How (not?) to get off to a good start

I was just about to leave the house when it arrived. The parcel I had been expecting was finally here. With quite a bit of apprehension, I tore open the envelope, then felt relief literally wash over me. All the prayers and hard work were not in vain. It was…

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On a Jetplane – Back to Keppel Street (LSHTM)

”I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but sail we must, and not drift, nor lie at anchor…

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Life at the London School of Hygiene – Staff and students

Today I want to write about two of my favourite things about LSHTM: the students, and the staff.

One of the aspects of the School I have most enjoyed is meeting such a diverse, intelligent and enthusiastic collection of students. People have travelled to London from scores of countries, and…

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