Celebrating the 5th anniversary of my sight-restoring cataract surgery at LSHTM

Five years ago I was barely able to see and today I am learning about public health efforts to prevent blindness and improve eye-health worldwide. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of my sight-restoring cataract surgery, I thought to share a bit about my journey here.

I was born…

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It’s hard to believe it’s just been two weeks since we started because it feels like two months already. As for the Christmas break, there was hardly a dull moment. At first, the rain tried to frustrate my plans and dampen my fun-seeking spirit. But after a…

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New Year New Term



Time flies. I moved to London from Delhi, India about 4 months ago, but it feels just like yesterday.

I study MA Public Health at LSHTM. Before starting the new term, I would like to write about some of the memorable experiences I have had in the first…

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Racing to Beat the Cows

Introductory Note: You may or may not have been wondering why I have been relatively dormant lately. Well, a significant amount of work in addition to weak, intermittent internet connectivity have accounted for part of my inactivity in blogging. Also, my experiences lately have been largely static, so there hasn…

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I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I clicked on “finish and submit”. I had just completed my end of term assessment in Biostatistics, the last of a string of seemingly never-ending formative assessments we had been bombarded with since the beginning of term 1. It’s been…

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How (not?) to get off to a good start

I was just about to leave the house when it arrived. The parcel I had been expecting was finally here. With quite a bit of apprehension, I tore open the envelope, then felt relief literally wash over me. All the prayers and hard work were not in vain. It was…

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Choosing the London School

I first learned about the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine a few years ago. Though I was pretty much fresh out of undergrad, I was intrigued by the historic institution in the beautiful art deco building. On first read, the School’s ornate name quickly stuck in my…

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Blurred image of congregation of people is South Courtyard

Hi I’m [name], from [country] and studying [course]. Pleased to meet you!

Many of my conversations over this inaugural month have roughly followed this formula above. Even though my social muscles have had a workout with more than a hundred people I have spoken with – it has been worth it.
Yet the value of these interactions and others isn’t in the…

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Part Five: When It’s Over

*This is the last part of a 5-part mini series on my experience of completing a Summer Project for an MSc in Public Health at the LSHTM (General Stream).

When It’s Over
111 pharmacies visited, 8 elephants, 10 Thai massages, 22 noodle soups, 15 Pad Thai’s, 5…

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Part Four: Writing It Up

*This is the 4th of a  5-part mini series on my experience of completing a Summer Project for an MSc in Public Health at the LSHTM (General Stream).

Writing It Up
Summer Project Due Date: 32 days. Word Total: 0 out of 10,000. Sigh.

Bangkok is full of…

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