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‘We need critical friends and robust challenge, not aloofness and separation’

by anna dixon A strong relationship between policy-makers and academic evaluators is vital, particularly to support high quality implementation of change, says Anna Dixon, the Department of Health’s Director of Strategy and Chief Analyst. There continues to be a view … Continue reading

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BLOG: Just how useful are licensing laws for improving public health?

Despite legal changes in Scotland, councils are struggling to use public health as an argument against new pubs and off-licences.  We need to reconsider the role of licensing in the context of other ways to achieve the same ends, suggests … Continue reading

Obituary: Professor Ralph Lainson

It is with great sadness that we announce that the eminent parasitologist and School alumnus Professor Ralph Lainson FRS OBE died this Tuesday, 5th May in the Hospital Beneficente Portuguesa near his home in Belém, northern Brazil. Professor Lainson devoted his working … Continue reading

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MAKING AN IMPACT: interview with Joris Van Hees, MSc Global Health Nutrition student.

The interview was conducted by Erwan Berthou for Remarkable Magazine and features Joris van Hees, studying the MSc Global Health Nutrition at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Joris has dedicated his career to helping others. (Photography by … Continue reading