2017 ICEH Open Education webinar series

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Recordings, transcripts and presentations from the 2017 ICEH Open Education webinar series

ICEH staff  and Open Education  experts from around the world explore how eye health educators can use digital communication technologies to innovate and improve teaching practice and address some of big challenges facing human resources development  and global eye care training.


Creating and sharing your own Open Educational Resources

Dr Glenda Cox, University of Cape Town, presents on recent research into the factors which influence whether educators do or don’t use OER and Mr Gregory Doyle, University of Cape Town, gives an overview of the work by his elearning team at the faculty of Health Sciences to support academics’ use of OER and also the key facts educators need to know to get started using OER at their institution.

Using Open Education to support local training and capacity building

Professor Colin Cook, University of Cape Town and Dr Nyawira Mwangi, Kenya Medical Training College/Ministry of Health, Kenya present on their experiences of adapting  ICEH’s Open course, “Global Blindness” for use in their own setting

Where to find and how to use Open courses?

Ms Jo Stroud, LSHTM, presents on how to find and use Open courses and Dr Astrid Leck, ICEH/LSHTM, introduces the basics of Open copyright licensing and how to use the Creative Commons licenses.

Open Education – does it work?

Dr Daksha Patel,  ICEH/LSHTM, and Dr Rob Farrow, Open University, present on what the research into OER is finding – what are the issues and challenges- and on how OER and elearning help enhance eye care training programmes

What is Open Education? Why is ICEH using it as part of our education strategy?

Professor Allen Foster and Dr Daksha Patel, ICEH present on the challenges facing global eye health  and how ‘Open Education’ can be used to address the gaps in eye health human resources development and strengthen the delivery of public health approaches to eye care