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These woes ain’t Royal

By Phil Hefford, MSc Medical Microbiology 2012-13. During a whirlwind final week to the first term of Graduate Medical School, I find myself presenting amongst passionate early career researchers at a Royal Society conference, and reminded of the challenges we face in the complex field … Continue reading

Reflections & Future Directions: Pursuing Medicine

It is trip number three to East Africa in as many years. My diet has succumbed to a delightful local bread-snack, eggs and, for my sins, that sugary brown fizzy “liquid” which is everywhere! I have lost weight, more because … Continue reading

Two Years on from LSHTM – What’s the Deal?

In the words of Jay-Z, allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Phil Hefford, and exactly 2 years ago I was in Vietnam on a virus hunting mission, sent on orders by my LSHTM MSc Medical Microbiology summer project. A lot … Continue reading

New Journeys, New Friends and New Discoveries

You can follow my other official (and personal) blog here:, or follow me on twitter: philandtropical   This is sort of an “all in one” miniramble, but nonetheless, let me update you on an eventful week. At the research unit … Continue reading

A Virus for a Bigger Brain?

Visit my official blog for further updates on: Can a virus make your brain bigger? Well yes – quite literally so when we’re talking about Viral Encephalitis. A couple of case studies I’ve encountered on my journeys pushed me … Continue reading

Two Weeks into Viet Nam life

This is a post from just over a week ago, from my main personal blog, which you can follow at:    (…Running on the sand dunes of Mui Ne…) I’m two weeks into life in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet … Continue reading

Summer project in Vietnam

Hello! I’m Phil, a student on the MSc Medical Microbiology course. Virology is where my biggest interest lies – it’s a slightly narcissistic view given that about half of our human genetic information actually came from viruses. This amazing fact … Continue reading