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Behavior change

Gaining Control: A new book on how human behaviour evolved

Robert Aunger and Val Curtis from the Environmental Health Group have recently released their new book entitled ‘Gaining control: How Human Behaviour Evolved’. The book tells the story of how human behavioral capacities evolved from those of other animal species. … Continue reading

Want to know more about SuperAmma?

Recently the EHG published the findings of a behavioral intervention that targeted handwashing in India. The paper has been getting a lot of coverage in the press. Follow the links below to find out more. ‘SuperMum’ campaign results in startling … Continue reading

Can ‘SuperAmma’ help to change our hand washing behavior?

Katie Greenland is a Research Fellow¬†with the Environmental Health Group and has recently collaborated with Adam Biran, Val Curtis, Robert Aunger and Wolf-Peter Schmitt as well as other authors, on a behavioral¬† intervention study in India designed to impove hadwashing. … Continue reading