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Recent Publications

Gaining Control: A new book on how human behaviour evolved

Robert Aunger and Val Curtis from the Environmental Health Group have recently released their new book entitled ‘Gaining control: How Human Behaviour Evolved’. The book tells the story of how human behavioral capacities evolved from those of other animal species. … Continue reading

Exploring the health outcomes of shared sanitation

Marieke Heijnen, a PHD student and research assistant within the Environmental Health Group, has recently collaborated on a systematic review which looks at the health outcomes of shared sanitation use. The piece which was published in PLOSone, brings together the limited available … Continue reading

The problematic nature of measuring the health impact of water and sanitation interventions.

Dr Wolf Peter Schmidt from the Environmental Health group recently published an editorial entitled The elusive effect of water and sanitation on the global burden of disease. We asked him what prompted him to write the piece and why it is important…. … Continue reading

Assessing the Impact of Water Filters and Improved Cook Stoves on Drinking Water Quality and Household Air Pollution

Recently Ghislaine Rosa and others from the Environmental Health Group collaborated on a randomised control trial in Rwanda. Why asked Ghislaine to tell us more about the study. What were the key findings of the study? This study showed that … Continue reading

The uneven progress of sanitation in India

Professor Sandy Cairncross has recently collaborated with Arabinda Ghosh on a paper publish in the Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for development. We asked Professor Cairncross to tell us more about this piece. To read the full article click … Continue reading

Can ‘SuperAmma’ help to change our hand washing behavior?

Katie Greenland is a Research Fellow with the Environmental Health Group and has recently collaborated with Adam Biran, Val Curtis, Robert Aunger and Wolf-Peter Schmitt as well as other authors, on a behavioral  intervention study in India designed to impove hadwashing. … Continue reading

Could the Moringa plant be a soap alternative for developing Countries?

Dr Belen Torondel is a microbiologist in the Environmental Health Group and has recently collaborated on a study which explored whether Moringa plant leaves could be used as an effective handwashing product. We asked Dr Torondel to tell us more about … Continue reading

Don’t Look Don’t Touch Book Launch

Val Curtis has recently launched her new book called Don’t Look, Don’t Touch: the Science of Revulsion. Summary of the Book There is a powerful subconscious reaction that influences a disturbingly wide range of our daily behaviour – our eating … Continue reading