Equity, diversity and inclusion of eye health organisations and leadership

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Equity, diversity and inclusion of eye health organisations and leadership

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We recognise that equitable, diverse and inclusive (EDI) eye health organisations and leadership structures are critical to respond to the complexities of global eye health inequity. Therefore, we aim to monitor EDI of our activities as well as among global eye health stakeholders more broadly, and use these data to advocate for and create positive change.

Ongoing studies

  • Diversity of editorial boards of ophthalmology journals.
  • Determinants of thesis publications among ICEH graduates.


  • Yashadhana A, Clarke N, Zhang JH, Ahmad J, Mdala S, Morjaria P, Yoshizaki M, Kyari F, Burton MJ, Ramke J. Gender and ethnic diversity in global ophthalmology and optometry association leadership: a time for change Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics 2021;
  • Yashadhana A, Zhang JH, Yasmin S, Morjaria P, Holland P, Faal H, Burton MJ, Ramke J. Action needed to improve equity and diversity in global eye health leadership Eye 2020;34:1051-1054. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41433-020-0843-y

Other dissemination

Blogpost: Ramke J, Burnett A, Stern J. Challenging representation in eye health leadership. March 2021.