ESRC Seminar Series

ESRC Seminar series rationale:

In association with the Public Health England and the University of West England, SPHR@L and five other academic institutions are involved in running this ESRC-funded series offering a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss how to reunite urban planning and health so they deliver health, wellbeing and equity in cities and neighbourhoods.

The seminar series will explore three interlinked themes:

1. Public health evidence for spatial planning:
Who should supply health evidence to planners and what should be the coverage, scale and presentation of public health evidence to meet the needs of spatial planning?

2. The governance of health and planning:
What are the key features of governance and policies to ensure the reuniting of health and planning priorities?

3. The development of a shared knowledge base:
What type of training should be made available to future generations of healthy planners and communities, who should deliver it? The seminar series wants to promote an ongoing dialogue between research and practice and will help identify a future agenda for research and capacity building.

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