Studentship Funding

For the duration of the award each MRC LID Studentship will provide :

  • tuition fees at the UKRI Studentship rate +
  • annual stipend at the UKRI Studentship rate with London weighting +
  • additional support for research and training.

MRC LID Studentships are set at the UKRI Studentship rates. All amounts are shown at the full-time (FTE) rate. These are pro-rated for periods of registration and mode of study.


At the time an application is submitted to a UK Higher Education Institution (university) a fee status assessment will be done, based on regulations set out by the UK Government. Each applicant will be determined as a ‘Home’ or ‘Overseas’ applicant, based on the assessment. Further information on the regulations used can be found on the UKCISA website.

The MRC LID Studentship pays tuition fees at the UKRI fee rate only.

A student whose fee status is determined as ‘overseas’ (because they do not meet nationality and/or residency requirements to be classified as a UK ‘Home’ student) will be required to cover the difference between the UKRI tuition fee rate and the institutional ‘Overseas’ tuition fee rate from other sources of funding (eg alternative scholarship or bursary). This is likely to be an annual cost of approximately GBP 15,000.00 – GBP 20,000.00 for full-time students. Applicants should expect to be registered for 3-4 years full-time. Awardees may not use their UKRI stipend or the MRC LID research and training support budget to top-up fees.

In order to keep within UKRI’s policy on equity of opportunity, MRC LID cannot make awards to any applicants who wish to cover the top-up from personal/family funds.

LSHTM and SGUL have committed to support MRC LID Studentship awardees from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) by providing a fee bursary to cover the difference of fees (between their MRC LID studentship award value and the full overseas fee rate). Further details about this will be shared with those who reach this stage at the time of selection.


The stipend is a tax-free living allowance. The MRC LID Studentship stipend is paid at the MRC stipend rate (with a London weighting of GBP 2,000.00 pa).


Each studentship award includes annual allowances of

  • Up to GBP 5,000.00 FTE research training and support grant (RTSG)
  • Up to GBP 300.00 FTE travel and conference.

In addition, flexible funding is available for students who may need further funding for their training and research skills development. This funding is assessed and allocated on a competitive basis.