Grandmother Network

The Grandmothers and Public Health Network is a group of researchers and public health practitioners interested in bringing grandmothers into public health research and interventions. It originated in a British Society for Population Studies-funded one day workshop organised by Rebecca Sear and Anushé Hassan at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Click here to find out more about who’s involved in the network, including Dr Judi Aubel, Executive Director of The Grandmother Project – Change through Culture, the only NGO to focus promoting the health, well-being and rights of women and children in lower income contexts, through grandmother inclusive and intergenerational programmes.

Read more about the ‘Grandmothers and public health: unlocking the potential of older women in improving child, adolescent and maternal health’ here.

The Grandmother Network will tweet relevant papers and items of interest using the Twitter hashtag #GrandmotherNetwork.