Infectious Disease

Theme Leads: John Edmunds (LSHTM) and Jodi Lindsay (SGUL)

This builds on the Global Infectious Disease theme in MRC LID DTP1, and on strong infectious disease research programmes in both institutions. The theme includes both international (synergising with the Global Health Theme), and UK –based research (e.g. on Covid-19 and antimicrobial resistance). Research includes infectious disease epidemiology and modelling at LSHTM, and laboratory-based research at both institutions. We have a large number of Covid-19 studies funded by NIHR and UKRI, including vaccine trials, modelling and the OpenSAFELY platform for electronic NHS health records. Well-established Masters, modules and short courses include Molecular Epidemiology, Infection and Immunity, Antimicrobial Resistance, Designing Disease Control Programmes, Pathogen genomics, and Vaccines and Vaccinology.