James Ashall

Project: Immunology, molecular biology and control of flaviviruses (Dengue and Zika)

What were you doing before you joined the MRC DTP scheme?

Working as a research scientist in a UK government laboratory.

Why did you choose your primary institution (LSHTM or SGUL)?

I wanted to work with people who had a significant amount of experience in the field I was getting into.

What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day work and the people you work with?

Every day is different, there are always new challenges. I am fortunate in always being able to find someone at LSHTM who can offer help or advice.

What do you value most about the MRC DTP studentship?

The emphasis placed on developing skills around your PhD, you really get to pursue your interests.

What additional training have you attended with MRC DTP money?

Courses on bioinformatics, antibody studies and animal testing.

Do you have any tips for future MRC DTP scholarship applicants?

Make the most of both the modules, courses and flexible funding.