Meet the Board

MRC LID Board Members


Professor Neil Pearce
MRC LID PI and Co-Chair for LSHTM

Dr Carwyn Hooper
Co-Chair for SGUL

Partner Institution Representatives

Professor Suzanne Filteau
For the Pro-Director of Teaching & Learning at LSHTM

Dr Carwyn Hooper
Head of the Graduate School at SGUL


Global Health theme

Health Data Science theme

Infectious Disease theme

Translational & Implementation Research theme

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

CASE/Industrial Liaison Leads

Additional Board members

Occasionally, Associate Board Members may be co-opted to attend various board meetings.

In addition, MRC LID Student Representatives may be called on to attend board meetings.

Administrative Support

Lara Crawford
DTP Manager/Grant Administrative Lead

Derilyn Frusher
PGR Team Registry at SGUL

Charlotte Grady