MRC LID Cohort 4

Emma Collins (LSHTM)

Project: Using whole genome sequencing to characterise the genetic diversity of mosquitoes and pathogens involved in vector borne disease

Supervisors: Susana Campino & Taane Clark

Eve Doran (LSHTM)

Project: Novel transmission blocking strategies for leishmaniasis through CRIPR-Cas9 genetic modification of midgut attachment to sand fly vectors

Supervisors: Matt Rogers & John Raynes & Matthew Yeo

Find out more about Eve’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Nick Eckersley (SGUL)

Project: Detection of infectious diseases in febrile patients in field studies in Gabon using molecular assays including next generation diagnostics

Supervisors: Henry Staines & David Allen

Georgia Gore-Langton (LSHTM)

Project: Investigating the pathways to adverse pregnancy outcomes among women infected with malaria infection and/or sexually transmitted/reproductive tract infections during pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Supervisors: Matt Chico & Matt Cairns & Asma Khalil

Find out more about Georgia’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Robert Greener (LSHTM)

Project: Simulating the impact of transport interventions on physical activity and cardiovascular disease using agent-based models

Supervisors: Steve Cummins & Daniel Lewis

Sally Hayward (SGUL)

Project: The relationship between psychosocial stress, immune function, and tuberculosis risk among migrants

Supervisors: Jon FriedlandSally Hargreaves & Delia Boccia

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Penny Sparkes (LSHTM)

Project: Exploring how energy metabolism differs in male and female Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes

Supervisors: Michael Delves & David Baker

Ian Storey (SGUL)

Project: MRI Radiomics of adult brain tumours

Supervisors: Franklyn Howe & Xujiong Ye & Timothy Jones

Find out more about Ian’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Tansy Vallintine (LSHTM)

Project: Shining a light on the dense granules of malaria parasites

Supervisors: Christiaan Van Ooij & Henry Staines

Emily Woodcock (SGUL)

Project: A new approach to understanding Cancer metabolism

Supervisors: Elena Sviderskaya & Yuri Korchev & Ferran Valderrama