MRC LID Cohort 5

Kirsty Andresen (LSHTM)

Project: Matched cohort methods in the analysis of e-Health data

Supervisors: Krishnan Bhaskaran & Elizabeth Williamson

Anna Deal (SGUL)

Project: The role of migrants in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases in the UK and Europe

Supervisors: Sally Hargreaves & Sandra Mounier-Jack & Jon Friedland

Emilie Finch (LSHTM)

Project: Combining immunity and climate date streams to forecast infectious disease transmission

Supervisors: Adam Kucharski & Rachel Lowe & Seb Funk

Katherine Holdsworth (LSHTM)

Project: Use and development of statistical mediation techniques to understand the survival gap between males and females with cystic fibrosis

Supervisors: Stijn Vansteelandt & Ruth Keogh

Hannah Johnson (SGUL)

Project: Using data from EUROmediCAT to develop statistical methods to Identify medications that might harm the fetus if taken during the first trimester of pregnancy

Supervisors: Joan Morris & Stephen Evans & Iain Carey

Suzanne Keddie (LSHTM)

Project: Bayesian estimation of the aetiology of fever using big case-control data

Supervisors: John Bradley,
Ruth Keogh & Oliver Baerenbold

Sophie Moss (LSHTM)

Project: Genomic epidemiology of Plasmodium falciparum in the context of mass drug administration for malaria control on the Bijagos Archipelago of Guinea Bissau

Supervisors: Anna Last,
Sanjeev Krishna & Taane Clark

Shannan Summers (LSHTM)

Project: Development of molecular diagnostics for antihelmintic drug resistance monitoring in human schistosomiasis

Supervisors: Amaya Bustinduy & Michael Miles

Ella Whittle (SGUL)

Project: Elucidating the genetic background of rare neurological diseases: with a focus on paediatric mitochondrial disorders

Supervisors: Chris Carroll, Shamima Rahman & Kate Everett

Jacob Wildfire (SGUL)

Project: Identification and characterisation of barriers to antimicrobial resistance gene transfer

Supervisors: Jodi Lindsay & Gwen Knight