MRC LID Cohort 6

Emily Carr (SGUL)

Project: The impact of Vitamin D supplementation on immune responses to respiratory pathogens in older children in Zambia with perinatally-acquired HIV-1 infection

Supervisors: Derek Macallan & Suzanne Filteau & Sarah Rowland-Jones

Hannah Choi (LSHTM)

Project: Real-time modelling and inference of Covid-19 transmission and control

Supervisors: Seb Funk & Adam Kucharski

Alastair Clements (LSHTM)

Project: Modelling for MRSA control: can we harness phage and antibiotics to halt resistance spread?

Supervisors: Gwen Knight & Jodi Lindsay

Ramla Cusman (SGUL)

Project: Investigating metabolic pathways that drive tissue remodelling and fibrosis in Tuberculosis

Supervisors: Jon Friedland & Deborah Chong & Rajko Reljic

Sophia DonVito (LSHTM)

Project: High throughput approaches to strain-transcending malaria vaccine candidate selection

Supervisors: Rob Moon & Susana Campino

Mia Harley (LSHTM)

Project: Understanding ethnic differences in the comparative effectiveness of antidiabetic medications using high-dimensional propensity scores in electronic health records

Supervisors: Rohini Mathur & Elizabeth Williamson

Emily Humphreys (LSHTM)

Project: Evaluating the Impact of Parental Leave Policies on Women’s Mental Health using Quasi-Experimental Methods

Supervisors: Emilie Courtin & Veronique Filippi

Sarah Mulwa (LSHTM)

Project: Causal pathways and cost-effectiveness of DREAMS’ impact on psycho-social mediators, social norms, and adolescent health outcomes in rural and urban Kenya

Supervisors: Sian Floyd & Isolde Birdthistle & Ruth Keogh

Matthew Pryce (LSHTM)

Project: Double machine learning methods for estimating causal treatment effects on cancer survival outcomes in the presence of high-dimensional confounding

Supervisors: Karla Diaz-Ordaz & Stijn Vansteelandt