Community engagement in local alcohol decision making

The Community Engagement in Local Alcohol Decision Making (CELAD) project is a scoping study aiming to explore the different ways in which community members can be involved in processes of decision making at the local government level, to influence their local alcohol environments.


CELAD runs from February to November 2018, and will involve three phases of work:

  1. Participatory workshops with a range of stakeholders to map out the different actors, values and pathways of community engagement in local alcohol decision making (see more information on getting involved in the workshops here)
  2. Case study research in four local authority areas to examine what processes of community engagement are underway and how they might influence the local alcohol environment
  3. A literature review to map out the evidence around effective community engagement approaches and pathways to shaping local alcohol environments, to develop to a logic model of how community engagement in alcohol decision making might lead to reduced health harms and inequalities.

We hope to use the learning from the CELAD scoping study to design a broader programme of research to assess the impacts of community engagement in alcohol decision making on health and inequalities.

The study is being led by the SPHR team at LSHTM, in collaboration with researchers from LiLaC (Lancaster University), University of Sheffield, University of Cambridge, and University of Salford; with public health practitioners from Public Health England and Hackney Council; and public collaborators.

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