Publications – 2018


Non-disclosure of HIV testing history in population-based surveys: implications for estimating a UNAIDS 90-90-90 targetChristopher T. Rentsch, Georges Reniers, Richard Machemba, Emma Slaymaker , Milly Marston, Alison Wringe, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Annabelle Gourlay, Brian Rice, Chodziwadziwa Whiteson Kabudula, Mark Urassa, Jim Todd & Basia ┼╗aba. Article: 1553470

Impact of linkage quality on inferences drawn from analyses using data with high rates of linkage errors in rural Tanzania. Rentsch, C.T.; Harron, K.; Urassa, M.; Todd, J.; Reniers, G.; Zaba, B.; BMC Med Res Methodol, 2018; 18(1):165

Linkage to care and antiretroviral therapy initiation by testing modality among individuals newly diagnosed with HIV in Tanzania, 2014-2017. Rentsch, C.T.; Wringe, A.; Machemba, R.; Michael, D.; Urassa, M.; Todd, J.; Reniers, G.; Zaba, B.; (2018). Trop Med Int Health

“He was no longer listening to me”: A qualitative study in six Sub-Saharan African countries exploring next-of-kin perspectives on caring following the death of a relative from AIDS. Ssekubugu, R.; RENJU, J.; ZABA, B.; SEELEY, J.; Bukenya, D.; Ddaaki, W.; Moshabela, M.; Wamoyi, J.; MCLEAN, E.; Ondenge, K.; Skovdal, M.; Wringeg, A; AIDS Care, 2018;1-7