Theft is a major problem for London cyclists, and bikes are regularly stolen from the area around LSHTM (even from directly in front of the School.) You will need good locks to attach the frame and both wheels to a bike-stand or fence. A good D-lock will cost at least £40, and you should aim to spend at least 10% of the value of your bike in locks – perhaps more, depending upon how able you are to afford a replacement bike! Most locks other than a D-lock can be cut or smashed (as can some of the cheaper D-locks). Avoid locking your bike to signposts, too, as thieves remove the signs to lift bikes over the top.

Remember: even the best lock doesn’t guarantee that your bike will be safe. At best, locks are a deterrent and they are all rated according to the number of minutes in which it takes to cut through them.


You may decide to insure your bicycle against theft. Beware the fine print as many policies require particular models of locks, or do not cover bikes which are parked outside. Advice – and a good insurance policy – are available via the London Cycling Campaign (see below). Overall, insurance will probably cost you about 10% of the overall cost of the bike.