MRC LID Student Representatives


The student representatives act as the key link between students and the MRC LID Board, in order to enhance research training and the overall Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) student experience. They relay student issues and feedback to the board and help ensure that the DTP remains responsive to student needs. The Board is responsible for monitoring and supporting the management and strategy underlying the DTP, and board meetings are held regularly.

The main roles of the student representatives are:

  • To involve other students in providing feedback, opinion and ideas
  • To act as a central point for information collation and dissemination, and to ensure good communications between all parties involved in the DTP
  • To help the DTP identify needs for advanced training provision
  • To highlight problems and suggest improvements in the DTP’s provision of support and opportunities during a student’s period of training and research
  • To represent the MRC-funded student community at the MRC LID Board meetings where student representative attendance is requested
  • To provide input for DTP strategies and handbook
  • To manage MRC LID social events and support cohort building.

Student representatives are not expected to deal with personal issues, formal procedures such as appeals, complaints or hearings, or welfare issues such as accommodation, health, employment and finance, or individual disputes.  You will need to contact the relevant people within your primary institution to help you with these queries.

Current Student Representatives

Shannan Summers (2020-21 cohort, based at LSHTM)
Jamie James (2022-23 cohort, based at SGUL)
Max Wallat (2022-23 cohort, based at SGUL)
Clara Brigitta (2023-24 cohort, based at LSHTM)
Morgan Lemin (2023-24 cohort, based at LSHTM)

Our student representatives are for current DTP and MRC cohort students. MRC cohort students can approach the student representatives with your views about any aspect of your MRC LID programme.

If you are interested in becoming an MRC LID student representative please contact the MRC LID via the usual email.

All prospective students should contact the MRC LID administration team with any questions about the DTP and/or application.