Information for current students’ supervisors

Information about the studentship can be found under the ‘Studentship’ and ‘Current Students’ sections of this website. In particular, we’d like to highlight the Studentship Handbook, which provides students and supervisors with details of how the studentship works.

The MRC LID Studentship Induction & Annual Cohort Update slides may also be a useful source of information.

If you have any specific queries please contact us via

The MRC LID board has awarded a studentship to your project with the expectation that all supervisors associated with the project will meet the requirements and responsibilities set out below.
– Supervisors are required to meet their institution’s regulations and policies regarding student supervision.
– Supervisors must be able to support all costs of the PhD project over and above the MRC standard annual RTSG allowance.
– Any changes to project/supervisor must be approved by the MRC DTP management board, via contact with MRC LID admin in the first instance.
– In addition, supervisors of MRC LID students must support their students in engaging with MRC as an important element of the transferable and scientific skills training. This will include
(a) maintaining contact with, and sharing outcomes, success stories, and news items with MRC LID management board via the MRC LID admin team;
(b) providing updates on project and status whenever necessary;
(c) attending additional training, as set out in the MRC LID Studentship Handbook and events set up by MRC LID;
(d) updating Je-S whenever prompted (and reviewing it at least once a year);
(e) providing outcomes information via researchfish and annual reports;
(f) providing information for any ad hoc requests from the DTP admin team and/or MRC (previous examples include MRC survey).
– MRC LID students are expected to make the most of the opportunities and activities the additional funding provides, and their supervisors are required to support these elements of the award (for example, by encouraging students to attend MRC training days and retreats; supporting the student’s annual training plan review, together with their MRC LID board mentor; supporting additional skills training, with the MRC core skills and the student’s future career prospects in mind).

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