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These woes ain’t Royal

By Phil Hefford, MSc Medical Microbiology 2012-13. During a whirlwind final week to the first term of Graduate Medical School, I find myself presenting amongst passionate early career researchers at a Royal Society conference, and reminded of the challenges we face in the complex field … Continue reading

Reflections & Future Directions: Pursuing Medicine

It is trip number three to East Africa in as many years. My diet has succumbed to a delightful local bread-snack, eggs and, for my sins, that sugary brown fizzy “liquid” which is everywhere! I have lost weight, more because … Continue reading

Interviews from the field #1: “Mum’s the word” – with Nicole Yan

MSc Medical Microbiology alumnus Phil Hefford has been blogging about his recent experiences. In this post, Phil interviews fellow School alumna Nicole Yan, who studied the MSc Epidemiology, about her PhD research in Kenya. You can read more from Phil’s … Continue reading