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The Responsibility Deal – Supersized Health Promotion

By Mark Petticrew We can surely only get healthier, it would seem, when the public sector, academics and voluntary organisations team up with the food, drinks and leisure sectors to promote healthy living. That’s the claim behind the Government’s Public … Continue reading

Forging social care policy amid the white heat of a White Paper

By Martin Knapp With the Government’s White Paper on Social Care expected soon, all eyes are turned to an area of just a few hundred square metres inWestminster. There, three major Government departments (Health, Treasury, Number 10) will be negotiating … Continue reading

Desperately seeking the Steve Jobs of healthcare modelling

by James Barlow   We know that health services need a shake-up. How else can we meet ever increasing demand while holding down costs and improving quality and productivity? But shake-ups, involving novel combinations of technology, services and infrastructure, can do … Continue reading

Alternatives to the chemical cosh

By Bob Erens There is wide concern about anti-psychotic drugs being prescribed far too readily for patients with dementia, particularly in care homes. The so-called ‘chemical cosh’ has been blamed by government-commissioned research for the premature deaths of 1,800 people … Continue reading