workshop2_groupThe ALPHA Network attend, contribute to, run a number of meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Further information about workshops

Phase 2 (completed)

Workshop 13: Partnership dynamics: rates of change and concurrency (2015)
Workshop 12: HIV as a determinant of child mobility (Uganda, December 2014)
Workshop 11: Mortality and the care and treatment cascade (South Africa, February 2014)
Workshop 10: Fertility writing (South Africa, February 2013)
Workshop 9: Mortality writing (Tanzania, July 2012)
Workshop 8: Verbal Autopsy Analysis (Kenya, October 2011)
Workshop 7: HIV & Fertility (Tanzania, April 2011)
Workshop 6: Consolidation of Incidence and Prevalence estimates (Uganda, November 2010)

Phase 1 (completed)
UNAIDS: Sponsored special meeting on concurrent partnerships (Tanzania, December 2009)
Workshop 5: Uptake of VCT and ART (Malawi, November 2008)
Workshop 4: Sexual behaviour and marriage (Zimbabwe, September 2007)
Workshop 3: HIV Mortality (Uganda, November 2006)
Workshop 2: Family Demography (South Africa, June 2006)
Workshop 1: Age patterns of incidence and age patterns of HIV infection (Tanzania, October 2005)