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Dr Admire Hlupeni holds a Bsc in Human Physiology, an MBChB from the University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences and is a candidate for an MPhil degree that is looking into the Immunology of Cryptococcal infection reactivation in patients with advanced HIV infection. His interests in Public Health and Translational Medicine in HIV-related Opportunistic infections, in particular Cryptococcus, with his main focus being the significant reduction in mortality and morbidity associated with Cryptococcal disease in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr Hlupeni is currently involved in the CryptoART Study as the Medical Study Officer in which they are evaluating the impact of screen and treat intervention for asymptomatic Crptococcal disease in a cohort of HIV-infected participants with advance immunosupresion. He has gained vast experience in the clinical inpatient management and follow-up of patients with HIV-associated Crptococcal disease and other opportunistic infections. In the AMBITION Study, as the Medical Officer, Dr Hlupeni is responsible for the clinical inpatient and outpatient management of the Zimbabwe cohort participants and for supervising, coordinating and supporting research nurses in all their clinical activities. Find a list of Dr Admire Hlupeni’s publications here.