A Year in DEPTH

Here are some numbers that summarise our in-DEPTH work for 2020…

The number of partner organisations in our UK Aid-funded ACCESS consortium. We are excited to collaborate with International Planned Parenthood FederationFrontline AIDS, Women’s Refugee Commission, the Open University, & Internews


The new research partners within the ACCESS SRHR (sexual and reproductive health and rights) consortium. We are looking forward to working with colleagues at LSHTM Uganda and HERD International, Nepal.

The number of citations of our piece in The LancetCommunity participation is crucial in a pandemic. In it, we lay out steps governments and health bodies must take to ensure citizen participation.

The number of words in our final NIHR report, This Sickle Cell Life. You can learn more about the findings from our project here.


The number of sickle cell patient and carer experts with whom we co-produced This Sickle Cell Life. We recently collaborated with them to present study findings to London NHS Trusts.

The number of new followers to our @DEPTH_LSHTM and our @ThisSCLife Twitter accounts. Check them out if you’re not signed up for daily updates, news articles and research findings. 

The number of hits on our tweets in 2020 from our DEPTH Twitter feed. If you don’t follow us already, now’s your chance! 

The number of links to other articles, profiles and research findings we included in our 2020 blog posts. Our team wrote about all sorts of topics, from sex and gender to the options for obtaining informed consent in lockdown.