PhD Projects

Current PhDs

Anushé Hassan (ESRC-funded), expected 2019: How much do fathers matter? Paternal investment and child health in rural Tanzania

Alyce Raybould (ESRC-funded), expected 2020:  The effect of household division of labour on childbearing intentions and outcomes in high-income countries

Estelle McLean (LSHTM Staff), expected 2023: Is family structure associated with the timing of reproductive development in northern Malawi?

Susan Fuller, expected 2024: Male/female differences in risk of severe malnutrition

Past PhDs

Laura Brown (ESRC-funded), expected 2018: Understanding socioeconomic disparities in breastfeeding in London and the UK: exploring the role of environmental perception

Sophie Hedges (ESRC-funded), Children’s work and parental investment in education in north-western Tanzania, graduated 2018, now working for Department for Education

Sandra Virgo (ESRC-funded), Are risk of mortality and morbidity determinants of abortion behaviour and in England & Wales?, graduated 2015, now Research Fellow LSHTM

Susie Schaffnit (ERC-funded), Intergenerational support and women’s fertility in high-income countries: an evolutionary analysis, graduated 2014, now Research Fellow Uuniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Paula Sheppard (ESRC-funded), How childhood household environments influence reproductive strategy: evidence three populations, graduated 2013, now Research Fellow, Oxford University