Justin Parkhurst (Principal Investigator): Justin is a multidisciplinary social scientist who has worked for over a decade at the interface of the social and health sciences. He holds an M.Phil (Development Studies) and D.Phil (Sociology and Social Policy) from the University of Oxford and has worked at LSHTM since 2001. His research has focused on HIV prevention policy (primarily in Africa) and the politics of evidence use.

Marco Liverani: Marco is a social scientist working on international health and development issues. His main research areas include the politics of research policy, regional governance and public health in Europe and Southeast Asia, and the political economy of infectious diseases. He has worked at LSHTM since 2010, based in Bangkok and then in London.

Ben Hawkins: Ben is a political scientist by training, with a long standing interest in policy analysis and the influence of interests and evidence on the policy process. His current research interests include alcohol policy and tobacco regulation in the UK and beyond, concentrating on the role of corporate actors in the policy process as well as the uptake of scientific evidence in policy making.

Arturo Álvarez-Rosete: Arturo is currently a freelance consultant and researcher for different health organisations in Spain and a visiting lecturer at several universities in Europe and Latin America. Arturo specializes in public policy and public administration, with particular interest in the structures of government and governance of health systems and the analysis of the health policy process. He has completed his PhD in Politics at the University of Nottingham.

Stefanie Ettelt: Stefanie has a first degree in Political Science and Literature from the University of Bonn and spent several years working as a senior media officer in an international development organisation. She then made a career change into academia after graduating from LSE with an MSc in Health, Population and Society. She has joined LSHTM in 2005. Her interests are in health policy, political decision-making, health system comparisons and the relationship between evidence and policy.

Elisa Vecchione: Elisa obtained a PhD in Institutions, Economics and Law (IEL Program, Collegio Carlo Alberto) through a thesis on the comparative analysis of biotechnology risk regulation in the European Union and the United States.

Helen Walls: Helen is a public health researcher with a PhD in Epidemiology from Monash University. Her main research area is food systems and nutrition, with a focus on the impact of trade and agricultural policy and associated policy and governance issues. She has been based at LSHTM since 2012, and is also affiliated with the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health.

Ioana Vlad: Ioana is a research degree student at the School, looking into the social and political factors supporting evidence advisory bodies for health. She joined the team in 2014, as a research assistant.

Siobhan Leir: Research Assistant

Fiona Marquet: Project Manager

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