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Appeals to evidence for the resolution of wicked problems: the origins and mechanisms of evidentiary bias Parkhurst, J.O. 2016. Policy Sciences

Mitigating evidentiary bias in planning and policy-making Parkhurst, J. 2016. International Journal of Health Policy and Management

What constitutes “good” evidence for public health and social policy-making? From hierarchies to appropriateness  Parkhurst, J.O., and Abeysinghe, S. 2016.  Social Epistemology

The ‘good governance’ of evidence in health policy Hawkins, B., and Parkhurst, J. 2015.  Evidence and Policy

The use of evidence within policy evaluation in health in Ghana: implications for accountability and democratic governance Vecchione, E., and Parkhurst, J. 2015. European Policy Analysis

Doubt, defiance, and identity: Understanding resistance to male circumcision for HIV prevention in Malawi Parkhurst, J.O., Chilongozi, D., and Hutchinson, E. 2015. Social Science and Medicine

Cervical cancer and the global health agenda: Insights from multiple policy-analysis frameworks Parkhurst, J.O., and Vulimiri, M. 2013. Global Public Health

Political and institutional influences on the use of evidence in public health policy  Liverani, M., Hawkins, B., and Parkhurst, J.O. 2013. PLoS One

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GRIP-Health Working Papers

Workinf PaperHealth System Stewardship and Evidence Informed Health Policy Arturo Alvarez-Rosete, Ben Hawkins, and Justin Parkhurst. 2013.

Good evidence for improved policy-making: from hierarchies to appropriateness Sudeepa Abeysinghe and Justin Parkhurst. 2013.

Analysing evidence use in national health policy-making: an institutional approach Stefanie Ettelt, Ben Hawkins, and Arturo Alvarez-Rosete. 2013.

Knowledge transfer and exchange: A look at the literature in relation to research and policy Alice Rutter, Ben Hawkins, and Justin Parkhurst. 2013.

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