PrePrints added to OvidSP Embase

Good news for those of us needing to find the most up to date information as soon as possible. Records from the two biggest medical and biological preprint servers are now available on OvidSP Embase (scroll down to Embase, click the database name, then click the ‘Access Embase database’ button…

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2022 Updates to MeSH

Every year the indexers at the National Library of Medicine update the MeSH index terms for PubMed/Medline. Full details of the updates can be found at Here are some highlights that may be of interest to LSHTM staff and students, including…

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Your well-being: a quick guide

What is well-being? According to Cambridge Dictionary, well-being is defined as “the state of feeling healthy and happy”. Why is well-being important? For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, well-being is a “a positive outcome that is meaningful for people and for many sectors of…

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What’s green and gold and transformative ?

The simple answer is Open Access funding options ! Many of you are probably familiar with the Green and Gold routes to funding your research. If not, here’s a brief reminder. Green is a free route, where you will be able to deposit a version of your manuscript to LSHTM…

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Benefits of Open Access

Are you curious about Open Access and what this all means for your research ? If you are not, well you should be ! There are many numerous benefits for you and LSHTM to publish Open Access, including achieving global exposure for your research, increased citation rates, and building up a bank…

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Library Display: International Day of People with Disabilities

The theme for the 2021 International Day of People with Disabilities is “Fighting for rights in the post-covid era”, something LSHTM knows a lot about.

The 3rd of December is International Day of People with Disabilities, it originated back in 1992 by the United Nations, as a day of…

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Inter Library Loans : update

Image: Abhi Sharma on Flickr (CC BY 2.0 license)

We’re pleased to be able to provide books and other physical materials via Inter Library Loan (ILL) once again. ILL is a useful service for all current LSHTM staff and students in those instances when you’re looking for…

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The Pamphlet Collection: Superman takes on his biggest foe.

Superman says “Never say yes to a cigarette”

Once again we are delving into the pamphlet collection, this time to bring you a glimpse of an early 80s public health campaign, staring Superman.  This can be found in the upstairs gallery at classmark GFW.AH.41.

Public Health Campaign…

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History and politics of vaccination

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) : LSHTM Rare Books Blog series No. 2

Figure 1: Portrait of A.R. Wallace

ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE (1823-1913) : British naturalist, humanist, geographer, social critic… and anti-vaccination activist(!)

Alfred Russel Wallace was one of the founders of evolutionary biology. In 1858 he and Charles Darwin jointly proposed a theory for the process of evolution by natural…

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Library Display: Books for study and well-being

Starting a new postgraduate can be daunting at the best of times, but starting during a pandemic when so much uncertainty is in the air, when you may not have been able to meet in person your course mates, lecturers or even set foot on campus… Well, it’s difficult…

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