PAMVERC in Outlooks on Pest Management

PAMVERC Researchers Prof Mark Rowland and Dr Natacha Protopopoff have published an editorial in the December 2018 issue of Outlooks on Pest Management.

The editorial titled “DAWN OF THE PBO-PYRETHROID LONG LASTING NET – LIGHT AT LAST”, highlights the recent discussion on WHO’s policy change to recommend PBO-pyrethroid LLIN in all areas of pyrethroid resistance mediated by oxidase metabloism  following the publication by Protopopoff et al. (2018). Effectiveness of a Long-Lasting Piperonyl Butoxide-Treated Insecticidal net and Infoor Residual Spray Interventions, Separately and Together, Against Malaria Transmitted by Pyrethroid-Resistant Mosquitoes: A Cluster, Randomised Controlled, Two-By-Two Factorial Design Trial.

The editorial also underlines the growing interest in conducting trials on new classes of long-lasting insecticidal nets, with DFID/MRC/Wellcome-Trust and independently UNITAID/Global-Fund and the Gates Foundation stepping in to fill the evidence gap identified by WHO.