PAMVERC Staff based at CREC: Corine Ngufor

Centre de Recherche Entomologique de Cotonou (CREC) and LSHTM have worked together since 2003. The partnership has extensive experience in the evaluation of vector control products  to PQ-VCT standards.

We test malaria vector control products such as long lasting Insecticide Nets and insecticides for Indoor Residual Spray developed by chemical companies We perform both laboratory assays  and field trials.

The Facility aims to combat vector-borne diseases through the identification of a new generation of efficacious vector control products. CREC/LSHTM Facility is striving to be a world leader in generating accurate and reliable data on the efficacy of vector control products in WHOPES evaluation studies. Phase I testing is performed at the Bioassay Laboratory of the main Facility available at Akpakpa, Cotonou-Benin. Phase II testing is done in experimental huts at our field site in Covè, Central Benin.

CREC hosts a number of facilities, including:

  • Insectary and Animal House
  • Bio assay laboratory
    • Chemical room
    • Potter tower room
    • Testing room
    • Shaker bath room/ Net washing room
    • Block preparation and untreated block storage room
    • Changing room
    • Storage room
    • Conference hall
  • Field Site
    • Field laboratory
    • Experimental hut station
  • Data management
    • Data entry room
    • Archive
  • Molecular laboratory

The insectary currently rears 5 species:

  • An. gambiae Kisumu
  • COVE
  • Cx. quinquefasciatus TPRI


In collaboration with LSHTM and IVCC, CREC is currently working towards GLP compliance.

If you are interested in collaborating with PAMVERC in Benin, please contact Corine Ngufor or Mark Rowland.