PAMVERC group members based at this site: Charles Mulamba

NIMR Muheza (previously known as Amani Hill Research Station) is a research institute that carries a rich history of tropical disease research going back to the 1940s. In 2006 the station re-located to the low-land town of Muheza in Muheza District, 44 km from Tanga City on the coast of North-East Tanzania. The site has hosted many PAMVERC studies, coordinated by NIMR staff in collaboration with LSHTM and KCMUCo researchers. Wild mosquito populations in the area include the malaria vectors An. funestus s.l. as well as An. gambiae s.l.

The Muheza site has significant experience in WHO phase I, II and III for testing vector control products:

Phase I (Lab Trials): LLIN, Larvicides, Tropical Repellents

Phase II (Small-scale Trials): IRS, LLIN, Larvicides, Tropical Repellents

Phase III (Large-scale): IRS, LLIN, Larvicides, Tropical Repellents

Ongoing PAMVERC Trial include a WHO phase III  evaluation of Fludora Fusion for IRS, Avec Net experimental hut trial and .

Since 2017, the Muheza site have collaborated with the Innovative Vector Control Consortium and LSHTM to achieve Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accreditation.




PAMVERC Researchers:

Dr William Kisinza

Dr Robert Malima

Dr Theresia Nkya

Patrick Tungu

Peter Mangesho