Magreth F. Shayo currently works at KCMUCo PAMVERC as a project Manager. Maggie serve numerous different roles to insure the smooth running of the projects. This include but not limited to; – Make sure the maintenance of GLP compliance, yearly review of SOPs, adherence to OECD GLP regulations, external servicing of equipment’s are done as scheduled.
As a part of the training committee she got to make sure the biannual review of staff training records are up to date and reviewing the mandatory and non-mandatory courses for staffs. The research activities is also the part and parcel of Project Manager. This involve being involved in attending overseas meeting and trainings as required, be familiar with WHOPES procedures and guideline for evaluation of LLINS and IRS and being assisted in preparation od manual scripts for publications in different journals.

Maggie started her career in 2014 upon completion of her Masters degree. My first experience as research assistant at National Institute For Medical Research (NIMR) was the one which made her purse this career. She was recognized as the best young up coming scientist the same year (2014) from her outstanding performance in research and received an award for that. In 2016 she continued with her career working as a research scientist at Africa Technical Research Centre (ATRC) which is collaboration of A-Z group of companies and Sumitomo chemicals. There she was the head of vector control unit, and I was able to learn more techniques of vector Control.

Maggie holds a Bachelor of Science with education (Chemistry & Biology) and she’s a co-supervisor of MSc students in entomology at KCMUCo, as I have experience teaching.

To contact Maggie, please get in touch via email: